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Question 1: What is the most surprising thing you’ve experienced since finding recovery?

I am now comfortable in my own skin accepting who I am, flaws and all, and it is okay for me to feel this good about myself.
~Brian R.

I have become a productive useful member of two very positive forces in recovery; Narcotics Anonymous and Oxford House.
~Mike H.

You get a reality check on the number of true friends that are actually there for you. It makes you understand why alcohol rehab meetings are important. I have MORE friends than I did when I was drinking. More true friends.
~Bill C.

People are very happy for me. I’m lucky in the sense that I’m outgoing and find it easy to talk about my disease I wish you could see and hear the responses I’ve received when I tell them where I’ve been. Their eyes light up with pure joy for me.
~Damon P.

Since getting sober after alcohol rehab in 2001, my wife and I sold everything, quit our jobs, bought a sailboat, and went cruising in the Bahamas for a year. This surprised me because when I was drinking I was scared of everything.
~David W.

Since getting sober in 2001, becoming a published author was a complete surprise to me. I just signed a contract in March for my second book to be published, Voyage of Kabuki. When I was drinking I did not know I wanted to be a writer
~David W.

The most surprising thing was to relapse.
~Ted G.

I have discovered that I am awesome at chemistry, and can learn anything...I remember things!
~Natalie K.

The understanding of God and how He can change your life when you finally surrender to His will. God opens doors for you, when you carry the message to others that are suffering from this addiction.
~Mary B.

Being alive.
~Nick T.

The most surprising thing I’ve found is my ability to adapt to “life.” I found I had a voice and could stand up for myself and it was okay. I learned to reach out for help and even in really, really bad days if I just hung on, do the next right thing and pray, I can stay sober. Life is Life and it is really how I accept and deal with it that matters, as long as I don’t pick up that first drug or drink. The other SHOCKER is that my teenage kids and their friends like spending time with their mom now after rehab since she isn’t “stoned” out of her head, and I actually like spending time with them and its quality time. Life is so much better than I could have ever imagined and I take it just one day at a time.
~Heather R.

I received my three year chip on March 23, I have a pink cloud and it won’t go away, it has been following me around like Pig Pen’s dirt cloud in Peanuts.
~Joseph E.

Spirituality has been phenomenal since I have been sober after alcohol rehab. Sobriety is losing that sense of selfishness, chaos and insanity that controlled my mind and my life. The surprise to me was that life can be great, if we choose it.
~Terri C.

I moved back to West Virginia after 30 years. Life is good!
~Lori L.

Finding out that having FUN does not require alcohol! In fact, it’s more fun because you remember it later!
~Janet G.

After doing all 12 Steps to the best of my ability, I abandoned the attitude I had when I first came to AA. When a new member I told people, “I can’t drink any more but I don’t want any of that God-stuff I hear talked about at the meetings.” I learned the difference between “spirituality” and “religion” and now have a faith that combines Christian teachings and Native American spirituality.
~Grandpa Jerry P.

The most surprising thing that has occurred in my life since I found sobriety after alcohol rehab is my newfound love for myself and my family. I am grateful for every new day God has given me. I am grateful for the love and forgiveness of my family and myself. I have a new and better way of dealing with problems as they arise now. I still have problems but I don’t use to try and make them better.
~Jennifer S.

The most surprising thing has been to find out that I have capabilities that I never dream that I had, that I am a good man, and I am spiritual.
~Johnny J.

Being a single, independent parent isn’t terrifying like I believed it would be. In fact, learning who I am and what I’m about after so many years of trying to please another person is refreshing, exhilarating, exciting and liberating!
~Pam D.

I had lost most of their (friends and family) trust and respect. Now that I am in recovery, they are slowly coming to the realization that I was sick, and alcoholism and drug addiction are a disease. We have once again become a loving and caring family. My most important relationship is with my mother. We have found a common ground and we are truly friends again. I want to thank the staff, and the other patients at Valley Hope Alcohol Rehab for all the love and support they gave to me, and my family. Without the combination of the two, I don’t think my treatment would have been complete. Thank you for everythng.
~Bruce W.

The welfare of others has become more important than my own! That’s not the guy I showed up here with!
~Tom L.

I now have the ability to care about other people.
~Dick B.

The seven promises have all come true! It took me several years to realize it because I had to attend a whole lot of meetings and spend a whole lot of time with my sponsor before I could recognize having received them all. I am truly blessed. Our family has come from dysfunctional to just a little goofy. We like it that way.
~Paul & Marty H.

Life’s not that complicated.
~Terri G.

How out of whack everything in my life really got. How issues that needed to be addressed just got swept under the carpet thinking that they had gone away or would go away. The struggle for getting my life back on track has been extremely difficult and at times overwhelming. But what keeps me going is how people notice a great change in my behavior and love for friendship. Addiction was a tremendous price I paid for thinking I was happy. Unfortunately, I must pay for that time in the here and now...but the rewards of being sober are so much better than the eventual death that would have come with continued use!
~T. Douglas W.

The most surprising thing to me was discovering that I am a morning person and LOVE to see the sun rise with a cup of coffee.

I enjoy being around other people and need them. I isolated so much before and thought I only wanted to be by myself. I have found I need and want to be around others and I like myself now whether I am alone or not. It’s awesome!
~Wendy G.

I learned to let go and I learned to trust myself.
~Julie P.

I am not bartending anymore after alcohol rehab. Instead I am helping kids with learning behaviors because I am a teacher at a school.
~Jeremy S.

The most surprising thing has occurred in my life since I found sobriety is that I have this overwhelming and constant feeling that I won “the big prize.” I never expected my sobriety to be such a miraculous gift. All the “promises” have come true and then some. Life keeps getting better and better. But I never, ever dreamed that I would feel that I hit the jackpot with my sobriety. I feel as if I won the lottery.
~Jonathan V.

Having enough money to purchase things that have value.
~Greg M.

How much time there is in a day to do things; it is amazing how much time there is to have fun and to LIVE!!!! Life is GREAT!!
~Peggy M.

The Promises from the Big Book started to come true in my life.
~Greg C.

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