Valley Hope Drug Rehab Centers
Parker, Colorado

Our drug rehab center in Parker is located in the suburb of Denver, just south of Aurora. The 50-bed residential facility is set in a rural atmosphere and offers comfortable, semi-private rooms. We provide residential, day or partial care, medically monitored detox, family and continuing care services. Our professional staff also provide evaluations / assessments, relapse prevention and outpatient counseling.

22422 East Mainstreet
P.O. Box 670
Parker, CO 80134-0670
Fax: (303) 841-6526

A panoramic view of the foothills and front range of the Rocky Mountains serves as the backdrop for Parker Drug Rehab Center. The facility features easy access to Denver International Airport with Fly to Recovery service available. Parker Valley Hope is JCAHO accredited.

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Say hello to Donna Schwartz

Donna is the Community Services Clinician for Valley Hope's Colorado continuum for alcohol, drug and related treatment services. Donna's pilgrimage with Valley Hope began in 1999. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Addictions Counselor level III. Her years in this field bring an array of experiences- - from working with the addicted person, facilitating a family program, and couples work, to working in the community reaching out to professionals working with substance abusers. Connecting with professionals over the years has led to a 'follow up' provider list to refer Valley Hope patients to when they leave Valley Hope services. Her passion is helping the addicted person and their family find their way into recovery; assisting them to a facility that offers quality care that best fits 'their' individual needs.

One of the things Donna loves most about her role with Valley Hope is their philosophy of helping people; that of "treating each person with dignity and respect, as if they were your own loved one or closest friend"! Donna sees that our facilities have over forty years of experience; that this philosophy has served us well throughout those years. If you have questions about our treatment or want to know about options, call Donna at (303) 841-7857 or email

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