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Valley Hope offers quality alcohol and drug addiction treatment at an affordable price – no matter where you might live in the United States (and just about anywhere in the world)! In fact individuals from coast to coast have been able to successfully access treatment using this service. With our Fly to Recovery service you can access quality treatment with just the cost of airfare to/from treatment added to the total. Valley Hope makes all the flight arrangements and can also coordinate family involvement and continuing care services back in your home community.

The service is simple to use. All you need to do when a family member, loved one or employee is ready for treatment is call our toll-free admissions number (1-800-544-5101). The call will be answered by the residential treatment facility closest to you depending on what state you are calling from. Ask for one of the five facilities listed below and let them know you wish to utilize the Fly to Recovery program. You will be asked questions concerning insurance and other financial questions as well as some preliminary clinical questions to help make the admission, treatment and discharge experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

Our corporate office will then make the necessary reservations at the lowest available fare based on your travel requirements and forward the airline ticket to you electronically or via fax. You will find our staff member waiting to pick you up at the airport for transport to the facility as well as return you for the flight back home.

ATCHISON VALLEY HOPE, Kansas City International Airport
PARKER VALLEY HOPE, Denver International Airport
CHANDLER VALLEY HOPE, Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix
CUSHING VALLEY HOPE, Tulsa International Airport, Will Rogers International Airport, Oklahoma City
GRAPEVINE VALLEY HOPE, DFW International Airport, Dallas/Ft. Worth

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Valley Hope wants the opportunity to offer treatment to all individuals who want help, regardless of financial status or insurance. If you would like to make a donation for individuals to access a local drug rehab center, please make your gift of recovery today.

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