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"Chasing The Wind"

“Chasing the Wind” is a compact disc of ten original songs by Chaplain Steve.

The music comes from the cauldron of addiction and the challenges and life-and-death drama of trying to find a way to live in recovery and stop dying. The songs reflect his personal experience with addiction and from working with alcoholics and addicts at Valley Hope over the past seven years.

“Chasing the Wind” is a metaphor for addiction, both in the futility of chasing something that can’t be found, and also in the sense of wind as spirit. Chaplain Steve sees the search for a high or a buzz as a deeply spiritual, although misguided, search.

Chaplain Steve has been playing guitar and writing music for over four decades. Thanks to the support of his sister Cathy, and Valley Hope, he was able to professionally record and produce this CD.

A portion of the sales of “Chasing the Wind” will be donated to the Patient Scholarship Fund for Moundridge Valley Hope patients with financial constraints.

For information, a listening preview or to purchase the CD, visit Chaplain Steve’s website:

Chasing The Wind by Chaplain Steve Band

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