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Donation Possibilities

Helping Others With Drug Addiction Treatment

Where will my donation be used?

You can designate your gift and choose the center you want to benefit. You may also leave your gift unrestricted and we’ll use it where it’s needed most.


Endowed Fund Scholarships
Donations to our “Doc” William D. Leipold Endowment Fund support and provide perpetual grants for scholarships generated by annual earned interest. The endowment fund began as the “Hug a Bear” and now helps more than 100 patients a year with the cost of alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Patient Scholarships
Donations may be designated for immediate use for a patient struggling with cost of treatment.

Facility Improvements & Capital Projects
One of our goals is to provide a comfortable alcohol and drug addiction treatment environment for our patients. In order to meet this goal, we are constantly updating and improving our facilities. Facility Improvement donations are used for things like refurbishing patient rooms and purchasing recreational equipment for patient use.

Patient Assistance Needs
Gifts to this fund help with primary and immediate (non-scholarship) items such as treatment-related books, dental care and halfway house down-payments.

“Valley Hope saved my life! I was on a path of dark destruction and could not stop without help. -MW

I hope this helps. Someone helped me in 2005. Thank you. -Scott from Texas

I just celebrated 8 years sober. Thanks to Valley Hope. -Don F

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Valley Hope wants the opportunity to offer treatment to all individuals who want help, regardless of financial status or insurance. If you would like to make a donation for individuals to access a local drug rehab center, please make your gift of recovery today.

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