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Helping Others With Drug Addiction Treatment

A message from our Foundation Director

More than 10 years ago, after 16 months of a ‘horrible’ chemical dependency relapse, I called Norton Valley Hope at 2AM. A nurse named Violet was so kind and welcoming. She encouraged me to ‘Please just get here. We’ve got a bed for you.’ I had a good job but no insurance for chemical dependency. I borrowed money for a down-payment and made the frightening, but hopeful leap to Norton.

Treatment, of course, was a ‘big experience’ for me. Not only did I want recovery again, I knew I’d never be the same. I wanted to work for the organization that helped save my life.

At the end of my treatment experience, I was seated in the Business Manager’s office and reviewing the finances I’d accumulated over 25 days. Business Manager Shirley offered me a $1,000 grant to help with the cost. I was also graciously offered the opportunity to make monthly loan payments on the remaining cost of treatment. The next two years, I paid $100 religiously and responsibly on my loan agreement. It was a great monthly reminder that I was invested in my recovery.

Each year, our Foundation helps more than 150 patients. For every one individual, there are a dozen more who need help too. As the number of patients increase, so does the need for help. Thank you to the hundreds of individuals and families who support Valley Hope’s mission. We promise to be good stewards of your charitable gifts.

Megan O’Connor

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