Valley Hope Drug Rehab Centers
O'Neill, Nebraska

O'Neill Valley Hope Drug Rehab Center is a 75-bed residential facility located in north central Nebraska some 110 miles north of Grand Island and just 40 miles from the South Dakota state line. Commercial air service is available from Grand Island or Norfolk. We provide residential, day or partial care, medically monitored detox, family and continuing care services. Professional staff also direct assessment/evaluation and outpatient counseling services.

We opened our doors in O'Neill in 1977 and offer our drug and alcohol treatment services in a relaxed, rural atmosphere. The O'Neill Drug Rehab Center is also accredited by the JCAHO.

1421 North 10th Street
P.O. Box 918
O'Neill, NE 68763-0918
(402) 336-3747
Fax: (402) 336-3096

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Say hello to Deb Ludemann

Deb Ludemann has been with O'Neill Valley Hope since 2002, when she entered the counselor training program. She is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC) and, after working as a counselor at O'Neill Valley Hope for 8 years, took the position of Community Services Clinician. Her job now includes some of the duties of counselor when in O'Neill, but also has her on the road doing networking and helping get people into treatment. When substance abuse gets in-between a person and what is important to them, Deb believes in the need for people to begin their recovery journey to get back what is important to them in their lives. Deb can be reached at
(402) 336-3747 or

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