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AC/ESS Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program

AC/ESS intensive outpatient (IOP) includes a blend of on ground/face to face therapy, phone therapy, electronic transmission, which provides structured support and monitoring. Individuals are expected to spend at least 9 hours per week on drug rehab treatment activities. Individual therapy is conducted once a week, either in person or over the phone. Multiple counselor-patient contacts also occur throughout the week either over the phone or through private messaging in the virtual therapy room. The virtual drug rehab therapy room contains lectures, group work, and assignments for patients to complete during their treatment.

AC/ESS intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) patients must conduct the initial assessment face to face. Patients in this program are expected to complete 13 treatment modules in the virtual therapy room, share assignments with the AC/ESS drug/alcohol rehab counselor and other patients in the group.

Individuals that often benefit from AC/ESS services:

  • People who are self employed or cannot take off from work
  • Employees who travel for work or work second and third shifts
  • Individuals who don't have transportation or have lost their driver's license
  • Those living in small towns and rural settings without access to local treatment facilities
  • People who cannot obtain childcare
  • Individuals with limited mobility or physical disabilities
  • Anyone who finds a flexible schedule more convenient and productive.

If you have any questions or would like additional AC/ESS information please do not hesitate to contact Jolene Nichols for more information at Valley Hope Association.

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